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Hello readers. Today I will go into depth about What is Baccarat card game, rules, rules and how to play? why i write Baccarat this article came up. Because I go to read in many Thai websites. The information that I have is not very close to each other. As a result, it took me quite a long time to understand. Therefore, I would like to write useful content for people are new. You can use this article as a guideline in navigating your way into the world of Baccarat card games properly. I will do my best to convey my experience to the best of everyone. let’s get started online baccarat Table of contents below.

Baccarat rules most players do not study.

Even if baccarat is played easily, just guess which side gets the closest score to 9 is the winner. There may be a draw. That is from the point of view of some players may only see this. But every time the game of Baccarat starts. The dealer will deal cards to both sides. And is a follower of the rules of the game of baccarat itself. that more cards must be drawn or do not have to draw Newly educated players may not be able to keep up. Because its rules will be a little bit off. But I recommend you to study and learn to calculate numbers.

Because as far as I’ve seen. People lose and lose money will come rant later and why is the dealer suddenly cheating, drawing more cards. Even though they’re about to win and then lose money. I’ve seen people comment like this. Read on to see what happened to him complaining. The dealer is right because he draws cards according to all rules. But he himself did not know.

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online baccarat

Know the Baccarat Rules

Don’t be a foolish player. if you want to win You will need to know everything in detail. baccarat rules Will use a total of 8 decks of cards to be shuffled together and put in a card tray called a shoe (see picture below) ready to deal cards Chu is an important tool for baccarat.

baccarat rules, baccarat rules, baccarat rules
Baccarat Hold – Baccarat Rules, Baccarat Rules, Baccarat Rules

When the dealer deals The deal will begin to give 1 card to the player first, then another card to the banker’s side and repeat one more time. In conclusion, there will be 2 cards on each side. At the beginning and try to calculate the points on the face of the cards. for baccarat The rules will be as follows.

  1. If the Player’s or Banker’s total points are 8-9 , if the Player’s or Banker’s hand gets a card when the total score is 8 or 9, it is called natural,  meaning that if either side has a total of 8 – 9. Both sides are prohibited from drawing more cards. To bring the points there to determine the loss and win immediately who has more wins
  2. If the player side has a total score of 6 – 7  , the player side does not need to draw more cards, stay still (Still – stay ) and go look at the banker side.
    • If the banker side gets a score of 6 – 7, they don’t have to draw either. Let the decision win.
    • But if the dealer has a score of 0 – 5. Draw 1 additional card before calculating the points on the face of the card to decide whether or not to win.
  3. If the Player’s side totals 0 – 5. The Player’s side must draw a 3rd additional card. When the Player’s side has finished drawing. There will be additional rules of the dealer’s side whether the dealer must draw additional cards or not have to draw. It’s a bit complicated as follows: if the banker’s side already has total points from 2 cards, namely
    • 0 – 2,   let the dealer draw 1 more card as well on the player’s side.
    • 3, Let the dealer draw 1 more card if the player’s 3rd card is not 8.
    • 4, The dealer can draw 1 more card if the Player’s 3rd card is between 2 and 7.
    • 5, The dealer can draw 1 more card if the Player’s 3rd card is between 4 and 7.
    • 6, The dealer can draw 1 more card if the Player’s 3rd card is between 6 and 7.
    • 7,  passive dealer No need to draw cards, see the picture below.baccarat rules, baccarat rules, baccarat online, baccarat rulesonline baccarat

D=Draw The dealer draws a card, S=Still stays The dealer is stationary – Baccarat The dealer’s third card draw rules

  1. When the steps 1 – 3 have been completed Let’s calculate points.
    1. If betting on the player’s side or the banker’s side Whoever scores more points wins. But if the result always comes out the money will be refunded.
    2. If you bet on a tie If there is always a true exit People who bet on the tie side get money. All other sides will lose.
    3. If betting on Player Pair, if Player’s first 2 cards are paired same score It is considered that whoever bets on the pair of players will win, the rest will lose.
    4. If betting that the banker pair wins, the banker’s first 2 cards have the same points. It is considered that whoever bets on the banker pair will win, the rest will lose.

Odds Odds

After we know the rules of play, we know how to decide how to win or lose. Later we will look at the odds. or the money that we will get back if we win

  1. If betting on the Player side (Player)
    • The winning player   will get 1 times the money back, for example, down 100 baht, get back an additional 100 baht, total 200 baht.
    • Player loses,   loses all money.
    • always   pay back
  2. If betting on the banker side (Banker)
    • The dealer wins will get the money back 0.95 times or 19/20. For example down 100 baht, get 95 baht, total 195 baht (why not get 1 times because the rules say that if landing on the banker side, you have to pay the dealer 5% commission)
    • The dealer loses  , loses all his money.
    • always  pay back
  3. If the bet is always
    1. If it’s true,   you will get 8 times your money back, for example, down 100 baht will get back 800 baht.
    2. if not always out   will lose the initial money
  4. If betting to get a pair of cards – issuing a pair of cards means predicting that the cards will have the same face value, for example AA, 2-2, 3-3 ,….., JJ, QQ,KK.
    1. Predict that the pair of cards on the player’s side can be issued 11 times. For example, down 100 baht will get back 1100 baht.
    2. Predict if the pair card is issued, the banker’s side gets 11 times the same as the previous item.
    3. What if it doesn’t issue a pair of cards? We will lose all the principal.

House Edge Casino Advantage

Because of this baccarat game It’s purely a greeting. Who will win at the beginning of the game? No player decisions are involved during the game, so the casino uses pure statistics to calculate the House Edge, also known as the casino edge, as a % if this value is large. Shows that the casino has a huge advantage. for us as players Therefore, we should play on the side or play according to the strategy that calculates the house edge and has the lowest value.

Is there a negative house edge? Answer: No, because the dealer must have a little advantage anyway. So we should learn a bit about what kind of predictions have a high house edge.

  1. Betting on Player Side – Banker Advantage 1.2351%
  2. Banker Betting – Banker Advantage 1.0579%
  3. Bet on Tie – Banker has a 14.3596% advantage.
  4. Bets on Pairs – Banker has a 10.3614% advantage.

From the numbers above, that shows that we are all Should not bet or bet on a tie or a pair of cards. Because the chances of it happening are low looking at the % the casino is quite advantageous.

Casino side bets are therefore the best side in baccarat games. followed by the player side

Baccarat probability  online baccarat
The casino advantage (House Edge) Baccarat is quite low.

Baccarat probability

If you don’t want to know about this topic, that’s okay. Just click to skip to the next topic. I’m just writing a continuation from the previous topic. I will find that I sit in the candle and write I have studied deeply about the game of Baccarat on many foreign websites. and draw conclusions about baccarat statistics interesting probability So I would like to give all readers Not just a gambler who knows nothing. Become a gambler with a good level of knowledge only

Did you know that If playing baccarat according to the rules of baccarat   that I wrote above + with 8 decks of cards, if calculated according to mathematical probability principles We can calculate all the events that will occur as follows.

Now let everyone decide which side to bet on.

1. If we bet on the banker’s side

Baccarat statistics Probability will be calculated according to the table below is the method of calculating the house edge (Horse Edge) numbers of all these events. Calculated in the event that either side wins or loses. I don’t always think of the same case.

eventpay rateeventprobabilitypayoff
The dealer wins0.952,292,252,566,437,8880.4585970.435668
Player loses early-12,230,518,282,592,2560.446247-0.446247
always refund0475,627,426,473,2160.0951560

*The table shows Baccarat Probabilities

all possible events. For dealing cards to both sides that follow the rules of Baccarat.

  • There are 4,998,398,275,503,360 methods.
  • Which, if thought of as a way for the dealer to win, there are a total of 2,292,252,566,437,888 ways (45.8597%).
  • or the player wins 2,230,518,282,592,256 methods (44.6247%)
  • The rest belongs to the events that will be tied. 475,627,426,473,216 methods (9.5156%)

From the above information, if you look at it superficially Actually, if stabbed to the banker’s side There will definitely have a greater chance of winning because the chance of occurrence is 45.8597%, more than the player’s bet, which is only 44.6247%, and the chance that we will bet that it is a draw is only 9.5156%.

But my dreams must be shattered Because let’s look at the payout rate. Even if the dealer has more chances But the dealer pushes to pay lower, at only 0.95 if winning

from the table he said

  • If bet on the banker, we win, will get 0.95 (0.95 instead of 0.95 times profit)
  • So when the dealer wins Players will have to pay a cost of -1.
  • In the case of a draw, it is not considered a loss because the principal is returned to the person who bets on a draw instead of 0.
Let’s take the payout x probability = return.
  • Banker wins profit = 0.95 x 0.458597 = 0.435668
  • Player loses cost = -1 x 0.446247 = -0.446247
  • Always Cashback = 0 x 0.095156 = 0
  • Combined = 0.435688 – 0.446247 + 0 = -0.010579

Or we are at a disadvantage of the casino at 1.0579% .

I hope you can understand the table. Let’s look at some other cases.

Baccarat Probability Is Baccarat Good?
Baccarat Probability – Baccarat Online

2. If we bet on the player side

eventpay rateeventprobabilitypayoff
The dealer loses early-12,292,252,566,437,8880.458597-0.458597
player wins12,230,518,282,592,2560.4462470.446247
always refund0475,627,426,473,2160.0951560

Reading the values ​​in the table is similar to type 1, I probably won’t explain it again. but for this table

If we bet on the player side The chance that the casino will have an advantage against us is 1.2351%.

3. If we bet on a tie

eventpay rateeventprobabilitypayoff
The dealer loses early-12,292,252,566,437,8880.458597-0.458597
Player loses early-12,230,518,282,592,2560.446247-0.446247
always profit8475,627,426,473,2160.0951560.761248

or think of an opportunity The casino will have an advantage over us at 14.3596%   , indicating that in the event that we will always bet on We are very disadvantaged to the dealer. Therefore, we should not bet on a tie. Even if the number 8 times will tempt us.

4. If we bet that pair cards will be issued

eventpay rateeventprobabilitypayoff
pair win1164480.0746990.821687
The odd card loses the beginning.-1798720.925301-0.925301

This table shows that If we choose to bet that the pair of cards will win We were wrong and the chance that we would be at a disadvantage at the casino is up to 10.3614 %.

baccarat room

Baccarat, as I have said only a part. Because actually at a real casino or an online casino. There will be a wide variety of tables to choose from. Each table has an ot pattern. or different odds There will be additional betting formats depending on the table. But what is certain is that there are bets on the player’s side. The banker’s side and the draw side. Of course, see the picture below.

Baccarat table named Bull Fight

Baccarat Tutorial

Fabulous table

Baccarat online is

Table B1 Baccarat

Baccarat Betting, Baccarat Review, Baccarat Probability

Baccarat Review

He made many designs for the fun of the game. Made out of a variety to please the gambler. But if you try to look at each table. You will find that most of the gamblers will still bet on the Player and Banker. If stabbed to both of these sides. Only more than 1% Our chances of winning at all are often seen. If you interested membership with us UFABET