Neville-Carra booed + ignored at Soccer Aid hot topic

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Went to relive the aftermath of soccer charity Soccer Aid. The event featured many highlights. Whether it was Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher being booed by fans or Mo Fara. to deal with the supporters running into the field

world star team Won the Soccer Aid charity football championship for the fourth year in a row on Sunday evening, 12 June 2022, defeating England on penalties at the London Stadium. A first-half from All- Star Team Noah Beck and England’s Mark Wright, British singer-songwriter Tom Grennan gave the team the lead shortly after the start of the second half. Before the shot from reality star Chem Setinay, Love Island equalized for the All-Star team. until the UFABET game has to be decided with a penalty shootout

          It turned out that England were still unable to escape the nightmare of penalty shootouts when Tom Grennan and Russell Howard both missed penalties, and it was Lee Mack who took the penalty that became the winner for the all-star team. Forcing the lions to roar even further, culminating in a special night in East London. For those of you who weren’t able to see the game at the London Stadium, here’s a compilation. What You Might Miss If Only Watching Live TV

1. Cheers and boos

           It’s always interesting to see how celebrities are greeted at charity football games, with Robbie Williams, David Beckham and Liam Payne all cheering. while the loudest response was reserved for West Ham legend Mark Noble playing at his home pitch. But there were also quite a few boos on the pitch , with Gary Neville, Dimitar Berbatov and Jamie Carragher all being booed in the first 10 minutes, the last of whom became the culprit in sight. fans This may be due to the strong extraction. He has been scolded by social media for his seemingly intentional approach to kicking a heel at Kem Setinay.

2. Robbie Saves Life

          Seconds after the umpire blew the end of the first half, a stage (with wheels) was rolled onto the pitch for Robbie Williams to perform. Dozens of staff rushed to prepare a podium for him to sing Angels as de. Marmot O’Leary spoke with David Harewood, then an on-field announcer asked the audience to practice singing Angels before Robbie’s performance. By putting the lyrics on the big screen to help them, Angels is one of the most popular songs of all time and people still love it until now.

3. A welcome to Alex Brooker

          Alex Brooker made history on Sunday evening. Became the first handicap footballer to compete in soccer charity Soccer Aid , the The Last Leg star performed flawlessly in the wing and received a great reception from the crowd when he was substituted. And with Chunkz coming on, “I’m really excited to be part of Soccer Aid for UNICEF ,” Brooker said ahead of the event. “I’ve been watching for years and I’m proud to be the first physically handicapped person to play in this match. “When I was little, my parents didn’t even know if I could walk. To be involved in something like this is so special. I want to say that I’m right-footed, but I don’t have a right foot. So I’m not a game changer! But I can’t wait to get involved.”

4. Football fans invade the stadium

           Sermo Farah tried to improve the situation with a boy running onto the pitch. When the four-time Olympic champion carried the boy off the pitch and made sure he was safe. This event received a well-deserved response from the audience at the London Stadium during that time on TV as well. But if it is invading the field in other cases The picture will be cut off from the TV. 

5. Justice for Chunkz

          England equalized before the end of the first half after Shanks was fouled in the penalty area by Beck. famous youtuber Wanted to score a penalty, but Jamie Carragher told him Mark Wright was the kicker. The audience was not happy with the decision. Even though Wright took a penalty Shortly after England’s equalizer, Chunkz almost gave the team a 2-1 lead. He shone in the box but failed to score. Even worse for the 26-year-old was that he was substituted by manager Harry Redknapp at half-time. The decision made fans The booing was the end of Shanks’ night. He didn’t even get a chance to score a penalty in the shootout. made him say that he was going to reclaim ‘Justice for Chunks’ in front of the London Stadium, haha.