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Today I will go into depth about What is Baccarat card game, rules, rules and how to play? why i write Baccarat this article came up. Because I go to read in many Thai websites, the information that I have is not very close to each other. As a result, it took me quite a long time to understand. Therefore, I would like to write useful content for people who are new to this. You can use this article as a guideline in navigating your way into the world of Baccarat card games properly. I will do my best to convey my experience to the best of everyone. let’s get started online baccarat Table of contents below. If you interested membership with us UFABET

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a very popular card game in Asia. Its original name is Punto Banco , which means Player, Banker, and it is considered one of the oldest casino games in the world. Whether it’s a real casino located in a casino zone such as Poipet, Cambodia (there are many casinos in the world, but I’m just an example in Poipet, which is close to me) or whether it’s an online casino. No They are popular with this game. But nowadays, the Internet is very prosperous. Most of the players have moved to play online. because it’s convenient You can play at home. You don’t have to drive too far to waste your time. Plus, deposit money and withdraw money online 24 hours a day as well.

In fact, when talking about card games It has a lot of variety such as poker, blackjack, etc. But I think baccarat is the most popular and fun all over the world and especially Thai gamblers like it very much. How do you know you like it? Look on the general web, but there are all masters. Advertisement Show that they are popular to advertise together. Let’s say baccarat is a card game that is in the top ranks. that the gambler chooses to play Because there are not many rules to play. easy to understand For new players who are just learning to play It’s already a single stroke If the reader is a new player. I recommend starting with baccarat.

Baccarat room, what is baccarat, online baccarat is
Baccarat room, what is baccarat, baccarat online

Baccarat History

before going to learn the rules of playing Let’s listen to a brief history. Let’s go first. I’ll summarize for you to read. For the origin of this baccarat game Originally from Italy Since the 15th century, by the name of Baccarat That means zero, he called according to the rules of baccarat that said. Let face cards such as J, Q, K have zero values. And in the 19th century, France has brought baccarat to develop its own game called ‘Chemin de fer’ as well. 1950 Baccarat began to spread. And is known more to the Las Vegas casinos.

When baccarat has a lot of people playing So there must be a separate room to play according to the level of position Separated into rooms for people who gamble less, medium, high, who will bet with low money. It is separated to the same room, called the Mini Baccarat room (Mini Baccarat), he will have to set the level of bets that will be placed in each eye that is not very high. to differentiate the level of gamblers part to add more oiliness Let the gamblers in the room match. Can talk to each other like it’s fun these days, there are still separate rooms at the casino. Including online casinos are doing this as usual.

baccarat review
Casinos in the past, Play Baccarat – Baccarat Review – Baccarat Online

Even from the past to the present, more than a hundred years ago But baccarat is still popular. Baccarat has been developed to be very diverse. Develop according to the style of the player. or the use of more or less skills Keep applying But the most popular baccarat in casinos or online casinos. Derived from the baccarat line named Punto Banco, which means Punto=Player and Banco=Banker. that we can choose to bet on the player or the dealer (Thai people call it red and blue)

Is Baccarat Gambling Legal?

If you ask if baccarat is legal or not I have to ask again, where? If asking in Thailand is wrong. But there are other countries that allow free play with a license (License), it depends on the laws of that country as well. For some people who are wondering whether this is a gambling game, right? I can tell that I almost don’t think so. is an entertainment game for fun But don’t get too addicted to it, that’s enough. Play to know how to set a budget as well.

Is baccarat good?

Well, if in my view, is baccarat good? I look at it as a game. I can guess, have a chance, learn the rules and come to play. It’s not difficult. It’s not long now, so I think it’s good, fun, but for anyone who plays and is too addicted. Losing and unable to put down, playing until exhaustion, this is scary. If it’s the type I think this is, quit playing, it’s much better.

baccarat to play

The easiest to explain is Baccarat cards are dealt. The minimum for the banker and the player is 2 cards each, which must bring the total face value of the cards as close to the number 9 as possible, whichever side is closest to that side will win. The player doesn’t have to think much, just choose to bet. whether to bet on the player’s side wins Or the banker side wins like this, as for other matters whether to draw additional cards or calculating points Everything, the dealer or the dealer will handle it all. Strictly follow the rules of the baccarat game.

Players can choose to bet on the banker’s side, the player’s side, or the draw. The main point of the game is Just guess which side will win closest to 9, that’s it.

counting the points on the cards

Cards whose face numbers are 2 to 9, count their points accordingly. Face cards have a numeric value, but for Aces, H has a value of 1, and face cards such as J, Q, K are equal to 0, and face of 10 is equal to 0.

baccarat gambling
How to count Baccarat Points – Baccarat Betting – Baccarat Online

Calculating the points on the face of the cards

Usually Baccarat cards are dealt 2 cards, up to 3 cards in case of drawing more. Bring all the numbers together. If the total is more than 9, cut the ten digits out, leaving only the unit digits. For example, suppose the player’s side has two cards, 7 and 9, totaling 16. This means that these two cards only have points. 6 points, where the maximum possible total is 9. This is calculated again on the banker’s side. If the banker side has a total score of more than 6, it wins. For example, the banker side has 1 and 8 cards totaling 9 , then the player has 6, the banker has 9. Like this, the dealer wins.