Road map Baccarat, 8 playing techniques that you can’t know anymore

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If talking about gambling games that have a chance to win The casino has a small advantage. and definitely not out of the game of baccarat Because the casino is not the least advantageous here. So the player’s chances of winning are high as well. So many people come up with formulas in order to beat the casino. and in this article I will talk about the game of baccarat, playing techniques. The best for gamblers, let’s read.

Exit stats don’t help win 100%.

Did you know that casinos everywhere? will have a history Or keep the statistics of the results of the game as well. Baccarat game as well. Keep the statistics of the exits to be recorded. big table baccarat   so that players can take the results of the past Let’s analyze the future to see what might be possible in the future. However, I’m not saying that you should focus on these stats. Because the past doesn’t always tell the future. for this game

Baccarat game techniques by reading the values ​​from the statistics table Have you ever thought that This statistical table is really good. It can help gamblers. Let bets win at the casino. The casino must have taken it down. but that still shows us today Because the casino has calculated everything with a lot of information that However, the casino will have an advantage in the long run. But that took up for the players to see. In order to give players a better chance of winning back, keep it close.

Big Table, Baccarat Statistics - Baccarat Playing Techniques
Big table, Baccarat statistics – Baccarat playing techniques

To win, you have to know deeply about the game.

So what are good playing techniques? to be able to reduce Casino advantage down as much as possible Or is there any strategy? To make the casino not much advantage over us, the answer is that you need to find as much knowledge as possible. to be as comprehensive as possible Is there any way we can beat the casino? what is the weakness what are the strengths or the technique that we should use the most How to play baccarat game Do you believe that there are still some people? who still don’t know the real rules of it what exactly If we already know everything We will be smart gamblers.

Don’t gamble if you can’t lose the money.

I’m talking If that money you lack, it will make your life difficult. I say keep it. don’t play But if the money that will be used to play baccarat is money that is used for playing, it is not You can play like this.

You know, some people can’t afford to lose their money. When losing bets It added more money steadily. Until the money runs out of lap With the use of money walking, baccarat, a popular playing technique like martingale , it is a double-edged sword. If used then you come back to win back quickly before you roll up bigger and bigger money until you run out of lap. You are very lucky. But fortunately, it may not happen often.

Bet on the banker’s side is the best.

Did you know that gamblers around the world Not just in Thailand He likes to bet on the banker’s side. Because the chances of drawing cards on the banker’s side are more a few players If calculated according to the rules of Baccarat And the casino advantage rate is also very low, the lowest at 1.06%. Players around the world therefore reason that we should bet on the banker’s side. It’s low risk, but you have to admit that if you bet 100 baht, you Will get back only 95 baht because 5 baht (5%) is deducted as a commission for the casino.

Don’t bet, always side

is always the shore It has a very low chance of coming out, as little as 14.36%. Assuming playing 100 eyes, it will draw 14.36 eyes, like that, even if the draw is tied. Will make a good profit for you, 1 to 8, because the payout is as high as 8 times, causing some players to be duped. lost money

Baccarat and Probability - Baccarat Playing Techniques
Baccarat and Probabilities – Baccarat Playing Techniques

Determine profit and loss time per day

Profit: Each day we play the game of Baccarat, the technique of playing is that you need to clearly define your budget. Don’t keep playing Without knowing anything, for example, in 1000 baht, you will stop playing if you make a profit of 30% of 1000 is 300 baht, etc. The more you set the profit, maybe 100%, then that day you may have to be a bit tired. Play more multiplayer games Remember, the longer you play You only have a chance to lose a lot. According to Golden Rule of Casino No. 1, long-term casino wins, you only need to play short-term.

Loss: Determination of the maximum loss percentage. is also necessary If you lose more than what percentage? You will stop playing that day. Or you may set a subplot further down to the baccarat room, the technique of playing this room, if the loss exceeds 10%, we will leave the room and change the room. Your plan must be clear.

Time:   You won’t be able to keep playing. Do not forget that in life we ​​have to do many other things. Ask to play baccarat It’s a play for fun and happiness, don’t get mad at it if you lose. because don’t forget that if you already played That means you agree that How can you afford to lose that money, do you understand?

Are you managing your money?

It is not recommended that you play money. The amount of capital per day is only one time. It’s done. For example, if you have 1000 baht, you can’t stab 1000 once. You have to split the game in 5% increments. Use Fixed Ratio Money Management. And actually I have a formula for managing money, Baccarat. Techniques for playing. Introduce 2 more formulas, which are the light and dark formulas.

  1. Baccarat formula bright side, commonly used around the world. It is accepted that walking money is the best.
  2. Baccarat martingale formula on the dark side is a baccarat formula, money walking of Thai people, everyone knows for sure.

Try to read and learn that. Which formula is suitable for us? What situations is it suitable for? Study only and you will get the answer. I wrote it all

Making money with martingale, losing and compounding - baccarat playing techniques
Making money with martingale losing and compounding – baccarat playing techniques

Find a technique for predicting results.

Of course, you can’t be sure. what will the future be like What will be the next turn? it’s just a prediction But do you know that It has good forecasts. with poor forecasts good forecast It will have a principle Opportunity statistics show makes us believe in cause and effect Why do we make such predictions? But even if we think it’s right But it may be wrong. I have a formula of Baccarat recommended. It is a formula that is used to predict the color of the game of Baccarat. The technique of playing is very good. Try to read.

and the baccarat formula How is it that it was badly predicted? It’s the opposite of what it’s good for. It will come up with unknown reasons, randomly for us to guess and believe randomly. There are examples for you to see, such as the Baccarat, Even, Odd formula.   It’s really messed up. Try to read. I have written a description of the formula and ready to test.


As far as I have, I’ll give you some advice about the above. These are overviews. The core knowledge of playing baccarat games But deep down there is more that you need to understand more. If you don’t know what to study and where. Today, I’m still lost. I recommend you to read Stakehow. Follow and read. There are many great articles that I intend to write from my experience. For today it’s over. Thank you for following. If you interested membership with us UFABET