‘Southern Tigers’ prepare to buy ‘Mane’ in the third round, expect to pay 40 million baht

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Sadio Mane, Senegal striker Close to moving out of Anfield as intended. When Bayern Munich prepares to make a third round of offers of 40 million pounds.

The Telegraph reported that Bayern Munich. The German Bundesliga team decided to pay 40 million pounds or about 1,748 million baht for Sadio Mane’s fee. High-speed wings as Liverpool‘s agency has set the players. After the past two rounds of filing, with no good rounds. 

The Senegal national team offensive line hopes to leave Anfield. This summer as it needs new challenges with the top-flight champions of Beer City. Pay the most attention to him But the offer for two rounds. The first round at 23.5 million pounds or about 1,010 million baht. The second round increased to 30 million pounds or about 1,290 million baht is still not satisfying.

Until recently, The Telegraph stated that the Tigers had decided to pay 40 million pounds as the Reds demanded. Thus making the transfer deal for the 30-year-old star close to completion. Just to be submitted officially. Which is expected to be completed. After the Red Machine made the launch of Darwin Nunez a new shooting star is completed.

Fabrizio Romano, a credible journalist It is reported as well that Bayern are ready to make a new offer for the team at Merseyside to consider. just didn’t say How much will be filed The negotiations have progressed as well. including personal contracts with players Therefore, it is expected that the deal will close soon. 

Mane is considered one of the key players in the red machine  since moving from Southampton in 2016, making 269 appearances in all competitions, scoring 120 goals and helping the UFABET team win the UEFA Champions League , Premier League , FA Cup and Carabao Cup . 1 time each