What is Baccarat Super 6, How to Play, How Much Pay

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In this article, I will explain what Baccarat Super 6 is and how to play it. Actually, this Super 6 is present in almost every baccarat room, but we probably won’t even notice it. Because most people will only bet on the player’s side, the banker’s side, and the draw side. It’s the 3 most popular sides that have it all. The most that I know more is the player’s pair of cards. or the dealer’s pair Let’s see. I will explain further

What is Baccarat Super 6?

If you are studying how to play baccarat, I recommend to study. The form of betting on this Super 6 side as well, it is one side of the baccarat table. that we can stab With a payout rate of up to 12 to 1 or 18 to 1, it is considered quite high. but pay this high So the chances of spawning this Super 6 will be a bit more difficult. Casino, he pays a lot.

Let’s take a look in the baccarat room first that the look of Baccarat Super 6 What is it and where is it? The picture below I captured from the casino. when entering almost every baccarat room, you will see the words Super 6+ on the table.

Baccarat Super 6
baccarat super 6 in baccarat room next88

We can stab at the position where I pointed the arrow to see. That’s called the side of the Super Six, which if we bet on Super 6, then there will be 2 win conditions:

  1. Pays 12 to 1 if the dealer wins with the sum of the 2 cards being 6.
  2. Pays 18 to 1 if the dealer wins with the sum of the 3 cards being 6.

Once we land on Super 6, if it meets either of the 1 or 2 conditions above, it pays the ratio of those cases it meets.

Example of winning with Super 6

analyze game patterns

However, even Super 6 looks and pays high returns. But the baccarat in foreign countries has warned that Betting on the Super 6 side seems a bit silly because it was designed to increase casino profits from the original Baccarat game. The casino advantage is only 1.06% to 1.24% (if bet on banker and player side respectively), but now on Super six side, the casino has a huge advantage of 5.39% and Odd (Odd) player’s winning chance has. Only 6.26% means that in 100 times Super 6 wins only 6.26 times. It happens very rarely.

From where I went to try to play, but only to bet on the Super 6 side, it was found that I stabbed for a very long time, really, the money was reduced. The dealer will win with the number 6, wait a long time.


Now you probably know the game of Baccarat Super 6, if you like it, try to play it. It is considered another option to make a profit, but if you don’t like it, you’re not okay with playing Super 6, it doesn’t matter. In fact, only play on the banker’s side or the player’s side. It’s the best because the casino has the least advantage. And don’t forget that I tested it for you. I only landed on the Super 6 side a lot in one room. It rarely came out. I just realized that as well It’s very rare for the dealer to win with this number 6. The money has only been reduced once it’s over. If you interested membership with us UFABET