5 techniques to control hunger A helper to lose weight safely

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One of the safest ways to lose weight is to control your hunger. Which doesn’t mean that the girls Must starve in order to achieve weight loss for young people who want to lose weight without dieting. and can ensure safety Today we have put together 5 techniques to help control hunger. As a result, the weight can be reduced safely, let’s tell each other.

5 techniques to control hunger A helper to lose weight safely

1. Eat food on time.
hunger control Will have to focus on eating food on time. So if girls want to lose weight must eat food on time The number of meals depends on each person. Some people may eat 2 meals a day, some people choose to eat 3 meals as usual, or some people choose to divide it into 5 small meals, depending on who is convenient to eat. But what must be emphasized is that it must be eaten on time. Because eating food on time It will help the body get used to it. which causes the body to secrete gastric juice on time Therefore, hunger and various hormones will work on time as well While eating food is not on time May cause the body to express too much hunger, causing women to accidentally eat large amounts of food without knowing it สมัคร ufabet

2. Chew food for a long time and thoroughly.
chewing food long and thoroughly It is related to the perception of the brain. because usually when starting to eat The stomach will continue to expand. It then sends a signal to the brain. And it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that it’s full. So if girls Chew food more slowly. It will also slow down eating. This will fit the signal to the brain. Causing not to eat food in excessive amounts there.

3. Eat foods that are high in fiber.
Foods that are high in fiber, such as unpolished rice, vegetables or fruits. contributes to keeping the body full for a long time Because the human body takes time for digestion. In addition, a diet high in fiber also contributes to good control of blood sugar levels. Causing blood sugar to not rise high as well as resulting in the body not easily feeling hungry as well

4. Use smaller food containers.
Using smaller food containers will make you feel that you have consumed enough food. while using large containers Even with the same amount of food can only see a small amount of food Therefore it is advisable to use smaller food containers. It will help us feel that we are eating a lot of food. Plus it made me feel like I wasn’t starving at all.

5. Do not do other activities while eating.
While eating, it is not recommended to do other activities at the same time, whether reading a book. or playing on a mobile phone Because nowadays people have very little concentration on eating food. Which behavior like this all results in girls Eating more food than usual without realizing it Because of the constant eating behavior

For young people who want to lose weight Without dieting or exercising hard. I recommend you to practice controlling your hunger. because knowing how to control hunger well will help the body get the right amount of food This will affect the weight loss safely as well.