7 types of vegetable garden that people love with beautiful body, low calories, no matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat.

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Today, I stopped by to spoil the girls. who likes to eat vegetables and in the process of creating a beautiful and healthy body The vegetables that we took to leave each other then. Classified as a vegetable garden that is suitable for those who love beautiful bodies. Because it is a vegetable with low calories. No matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat. Let’s see what are the 7 types of vegetables that are low in calories.

7 types of vegetable garden that people love with beautiful body, low calories, no matter how much you eat, you won't get fat.

Bitter gourd, 100 grams of bitter gourd provides approximately 34 calories to the body, although it is a vegetable that gives a bitter taste. But many of them have properties that are good for the body, such as helping to reduce blood sugar levels. help cure diabetes Maintain strong bones and teeth Along with helping to prevent breast cancer as well.

2. Bean sprouts
100 grams of bean sprouts provide about 22 calories to the body. Bean sprouts are also rich in vitamins and minerals. contains antioxidants and contains vitamin E which helps the skin to be moisturized, soft and has a natural glow.

3. Kale
100 grams of kale provides about 31 calories to the body, and kale is also among the least watery vegetables. Therefore suitable for eating during weight loss , it also contains calcium. which helps stabilize hormonal levels As a result, the body reduces eating little by little. In addition, eating kale has been shown to reduce irritability and mood swings during menstruation for women. very well

4. Ivy gourd
Ivy gourd 100 grams provides about 30 calories to the body. It is one of the vegetables that is not only suitable for women. who are losing weight only but also a vegetable that helps make the skin more radiant and bright It also helps reduce macular degeneration. This usually happens to those who sit at the computer screen for a long time. Importantly, it also helps nourish milk for young mothers as well.

5. Morning glory
, 100 grams of morning glory provides about 19 calories to the body. It is also a vegetable that is outstanding in the treatment of myopia. improves memory well Effectively nourish the brain and also contains antioxidants that help the skin of girls look radiant, bright, with aura

6. Cucumbers Cucumbers
, 100 grams, provide approximately 15 calories to the body and are also vegetables that help add moisture to the body well. refreshing the body clear skin For anyone in the range of weight loss. It is recommended to eat about 3 cucumbers before meals. It will help the girls eat less food and also make them full faster.

7. Green squash
100 grams of green squash provides about 11 calories to the body, which is considered a vegetable suitable for women. That greatly reduces the weight ever. Because it is a vegetable that is very low in calories, it also helps to reduce fat in the blood vessels. Reduce blood sugar levels, nourish skin and help prevent cancer.

For young people who want to lose weight with good health. Don’t forget to keep eating vegetables that can be easily eaten, such as the 7 types of vegetables that we have told you. Because these vegetables are all low in calories. It is also rich in many other nutrients.