Even if you don’t have time to exercise, you can be slim with 3 types of food.

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A slim figure is desired by everyone. The method that most people know for effective weight loss and control is Controlling food intake, exercising, having a good excretory system. And get enough sleep, however, when busy and do not have time to exercise. Japanese people recommend food that can help you lose weight if you eat regularly. Let’s get to know such food.

Even if you don't have time to exercise, you can be slim with 3 types of food.

1. Broccoli sprouts

Nutrients in broccoli sprouts support liver function. Makes the digestion of sugars and fats better and increases the metabolic rate. In addition, sulforaphane (Sulforaphane) in broccoli sprouts also has powerful antioxidant properties. Help slow down aging prevent cancer prevent hay fever and helps resist the growth of bacteria that cause ulcers in the intestines such as Helicobacter pylori, etc.

How to eat for control and weight loss can be done by eating broccoli sprouts every day. or take 20 grams every 3 days

2. Heat-treated pickled plums

when heating Pickled plum will create an important substance called Vanillin (Vanillin). This substance stimulates fat burning in the body. and helps limit the swelling of fat cells. Therefore, it is suitable for people who are in control or losing weight. The heated pickled plum contains 20 times the amount of vanillin. The method of heating pickled plum is easy, just microwave at 500 watts for 1 minute. Decrease even if pickled plums are cooled or refrigerated. Therefore, it can be prepared and stored for several days.

The method of eating to be effective in controlling and losing weight is Take 3 tablets a day and do not take more. Because pickled plums are salty, eating too much can have a negative effect on your UFABET health.

3. Grape Fruit

Vitamin B1, which is abundant in grapefruits, prevents the conversion of sugars in your diet to fat. Plus, pectin, a soluble dietary fiber that is abundant in grapefruit, suppresses the absorption of cholesterol and fat into the body. In addition, the aromatic substances in this fruit, including Limonene and Nootkatone, will help to reduce appetite. enhance blood circulation and increase the metabolic rate In addition to the benefits of weight control, grapefruit also helps to have beautiful skin. helps to excrete well and help drive waste out of the body

How to eat to help you lose weight by eating 1 grapefruit a day, divided into three meals before each meal. However, the smell of grapes Fruits before meals are a great way to reduce appetite.

If you feel so busy that you don’t have time to exercise and are afraid of being fat Try to add these foods to the daily menu. However, the results will be shared with each other as well.